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Finalize Your Timeline

Typical Stage Lengths

In order to finalize your timeline, let's take a few minutes to check how it fits the norms and enter any additional descriptions you want to appear on it.

The graph at right (above on small screens) displays the average of many timelines. On this graphic, the the number of years it takes the average person to reach each point is shown above the line, while the average length of the stage (and the range that 85% of timelines fall into) is shown below it.

Comparing your graph to this one can tell you how your timeline aligns with the norms. For instance, say a person creates a timeline where the Lordship Decision is at age 18 and the Releasing stage begins five years later at 23. Our research says that the average time between Lordship and Releasing is 18 years—over 85% percent of leaders place the two at least 9 years apart. A five year span here seems quite unlikely. If this individual began an upward season at age 23, it is much more likely to be the Preparation Stage.

Just because your timeline falls outside the normal range doesn't mean it is wrong—there might be a very good reason for it. For instance:

  • Those who come to Christ later in life tend to have shorter stages
  • If you fell away from God for a season or just stagnated, seasons can be stretched out
  • If you became a Christian as a child, your Natural Promotion stage can be much longer than usual
  • Sometimes one stage is longer than normal and the next one is shorter, or vice versa

Add More Info

Estimate Future Stages

If you are prayerfully considering how God may be unfolding your journey and want to project forward possible ages at which you "might" reach a future stage, you can set a marker here to indicate these estimates on your timeline (they will appear as italics). Note: you are only able to select from stages you have mapped back at Timeline Builder -- unavailable stages are disabled and appear in bold. At any point, you can clear or change the estimate marker below by changing your selection.

Refine Stage Descriptions

Now that you have mapped (at least some of) your "Key Life Seasons" to timeline stages, you may want to edit or add to the descriptions shown at each point to better encompass the stage as a whole. The text below is what is actually displayed your timeline, populated initially with your mapped season description -- text size is capped at 45 chars for display purposes. As you make changes, the chart is automatically updated. However, you can also click the reload link here or at the top-right to ensure you are viewing the latest. Note: these changes are also reflected within Timeline Builder's "Preview Timeline" display. When your timeline looks the way you want it to and you want your own copy, click the related buttons at the top-right to save, print and/or email the current version.

Stage Mapped Season Add/Edit Final Description
Lordship Commitment